The Journey 2008 - 2010

About Second Stage

Second Stage

Stage II (July 2008 - 2010)

‘Journey’, the second stage of the Art Container Project, continues to promote Hong Kong art and explores the issue of mobility/communication and its meaning to the globalised society.

Work of the second stage started in July 2008, when the first batch of art containers embarked on their first journey to their first stop – Singapore. Meanwhile, three artists went on board to escort the art containers to Singapore, in which they experienced the launching journey. On the other hand, MIA staff and a group of artists flew to Singapore and entered the port where the welcoming ceremony took place. In the few days that followed, the group visited art organisations and artists in Singapore and conducted art exchange activities.

The main task of the second stage involves tracing the tracks of art containers and the episodes during the journey. Besides, there are different kinds of exchange activities, for instance, the experience sharing at the Ox Warehouse in Macau in September 2008, the seminar at Lumenvisum in November 2008, the exhibition at the Pottery Workshop, Shanghai in March 2009, and the visit and seminar by the Singaporean artist in April 2009. All these activities are based on further exchanges with people in different places.

The journey of art containers continues, and art research will soon commence. In the future, we hope to actively explore different issues arisen from this project, thus advancing into another even more peculiar art journey.


Tang Ying-chi
Convener, Art Container Project
April 2009