Project Statement

— By TANG Ying-chi, Project Convener

The Art Container Project is an art project originated in Hong Kong. MIA (Mere Independent Artists), the organiser, is a self-financed non-profit making art organisation. The participating artists, co-organiser, official partners and sponsors are also professionals brought up here in our city. This project can be considered a joint venture made by the local art circle and art lovers.

The concept of the project starts with the container and freight industry, which has an implication of connection. A container is a functional object well known to the modern world. 38 Hong Kong artists have been invited to paint their works on the containers. In such a way, works of art can step out of traditional exhibition space and come closer to daily lives, the community and the public. We would like to create a bigger space of art appreciation, starting from our local audience. Another layer of meaning of the project comes from the mobility of the containers. The containers, while loaded with the goods they are to carry, will also carry around the artworks created by our artists and the message of protecting the Earth, a major theme of the art making for the containers. By going to different places of the world as scheduled, the containers will serve as art ambassadors.

After the departure exhibition at West Kowloon Cultural District, the art containers will start the first three-year journey under the name of “Beautiful Journey.Beautiful World”. During the journey, we will keep tracking and locating the art containers arriving at different places, finding out what has happened to them in their trips. When the journey is completed, the art containers will come back to our city and report to us what they have experienced.

The Art Container Project has provided an opportunity for collaboration between local art organisations, artists and commercial institutions. Their joint efforts, coupled with the full support of the Government, have brought about this art event which is completely made in Hong Kong. We hope that it would serve as a starting point for local art to attract more response, recognition, support and promotion. We also hope that the art development in our city would be as exciting and prolific as the mobile landscape on the art containers.