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20 Nov 2008 – Talk: Pilgrimage by Tse Ming-chong

Coming up is a sharing by Tse Ming-chong, co-founder of Lumenvisum (tracking partner of the Art Container Project). His sharing is inspired by an Italian journalist who visited HK in the 70's. Driven by his nostalgia, this Italian journalist started his journey across the continent. A community of interconnected cultures and histories has triggered the imagination and discussion of the journey of the art containers.

Art Container Project is a large-scale art project originated from Hong Kong. The first stage includes 38 Hong Kong artists with their paintings on the surface of containers and an exhibition in the West Kowloon Cultural District in May 2008. The second stage will explore the journey of these art containers and their connection with people throughout the world. For details, please visit the website:

Event Details
(1) 7:30pm – 7:45pm: Art Container Project Video Documentation Preview
(2) 7:45pm - 8:00pm: Artists Sharing their Life Onboard
(3) 8:00pm - 9:00pm: Pilgrimage Talk
(4) 9:00pm - 9:30pm: Discussion Time

Venue: Lumenvisum, L2 - 10, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, HK
Date: 19 November 2008, Wednesday
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Enquiries: (852) 3177 9159

Conducted in Cantonese. Free Admission. First come, first served.
Jointly presented by MIA (Mere Independent Artists) and Lumenvisum.

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Art Containers' First Stop at Jurong Port, Singapore 17 July 2008

Looking back over the shoulder, all one can see is darkness. But looking forward, there is bonfire and happy faces all around.

These are the two snapshots taken by the three artists when they were on board the Emirates Kanako sailing from Hong Kong to Singapore, a trip of 4 days and nights.

“We have warm welcome from the Captain and crews. We also have shared with each other about how they feel about our Art Containers. Not only can we experience the life of the crew but we can share with them our art and culture. Now there is a joint painting on board the ship too.” Recalled Carol Lee, one of the artists staying on board.

Other members of Mere Independent Artists (MIA), organiser of the Art Container Project*, and participating artists of the Project flew all the way from Hong Kong to Jurong Port at Singapore to reunite with the artists on board.

When the Emirates Kanako is approaching the port, cheers can be heard and hands start waving in the air. All the staffs at the port start to work according to the normal procedures, busy lifting the containers to their destinations. Once in a while, an Art Container will be lifted and discharged for the first time in Singapore, waiting for the second mission to deliver goods to other places.

The people on board the ship meet the people on land again finally. Everyone could not wait to tell tales of the sea.

The rest of the containers will stay with the Emirates Kanako to the other ports along their route. If you are wondering what will happen to these art containers? Check out here to track them down:

*The Art Container Project is the first large scale art project in Hong Kong. The first stage included 38 Hong Kong artists with their paintings on the surface of containers and an exhibition in the West Kowloon Cultural District in May, 2008. The second stage will explore the journey of these art containers and their connection with people throughout the world.

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14 July 2008

Many artists and well wishers had gathered around the Hong Kong International Terminal to bid farewell to the Emirates Kanako last Sunday. It will start its 42-day journey from Hong Kong, She Kou, Singapore, Colombo and Dubai. An ordinary sea voyage has become unusual because there are 10 art containers, 2 artists and 1 photographer on board the liner. Emirates Kanako will sail for its usual shipping schedule for 42 days. The artists and photographer will accompany the art containers for 4 days and nights to Singapore.

The ceremony was kicked off by speeches from the senior vice president of the Emirates Shipping Line, Mr. Sunny So, followed by the Art Container Project Convener, Miss Tang Ying Chi , and lastly by the Managing Director of Asia Container Leasing Co., Ltd., Mr. Alex Chung. When the blessing began, cheers broke out from the crowd with the bottle breaking as the art container “Dreamscape of the Prehistoric Time” was slowly loaded up to the liner. Then the guests started to climb onto the liner to have a tour inside the 43-tonne ship. With the warm welcome from the crews and the captain, the guests could have a closer look inside the usually restricted area. There are some VIP rooms, rooms for captain and crews, engine room, kitchen, control room, recreation room, etc. This is an eye-opener for people who have never on board a shipping liner.

At 9:00 pm the ship had started its scheduled journey with 3000 containers, including 10 art containers, on board. But for the 3 on-boarders, their challenge is they have to live without any kinds of advanced technology. They will have no access to the Internet, no mobile phone, no television. All they have are the art containers and the crews. This might lead them back to a quiet world. But they will experience the conditions of how the art containers sail in their journey.

Members of MIA and artists will fly to Singapore and receive the 3 on-boarders, then they will start their art exchange with art groups & organisations in Singapore.

The following are names of artists whose art containers were also loaded onto the Emirates Kanako:

AAAU2004022 - Tang Ying-mui, Grace “Dreamscape of the Prehistoric Time” – Singapore
AAAU2004107 - Lee Mei-kuen, Carol “In the Hope”
AAAU2004336 - Alex Heung “Journey”
AAAU2004260 - Tse Ming-chong “Pilgrimage”
AAAU2004254 - Ho Siu-kee “Self / Others”
AAAU2004104 - Tang Ying-chi “From Ocean to Land” – Singapore
AAAU2004038 - Wong Lai-ching, Fiona “Beautiful Big-eyes”
AAAU2004172 - Lau Gukzik – “A Society Thinking Green”
AAAU2004362 - Lam Tung-pang “Global Warming”
AAAU2004130 - Yu Wai-luen, Francis – “Canvass”

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13 July 2008 – Art Container Departure Launching Party

The first group of Art Containers painted in May at West Kowloon Cultural District are now ready to embark on their journey to the rest of the world. Their first destination is Singapore. Two artists and one photographer will be onboard Emirates Kanako from 13th of July to 17th of July… When they arrive in Singapore, they will join the other Mere Independent Artists group members and artists to meet different art groups in Singapore and introduce the Art Container Project to them.

MIA invites you to bid farewell to our art containers and witness the beginning of the 3 years journey.

Party Date: 13th July, 2008 (Sunday)  
Party Content: 10:00am Party begins: the Senior Vice President, Sunny So will give a speech.
  10:05am Loading of the art containers onto the ship
  10:20am All guest ascend to deck - guided tour ( about the ship )
  10:35am Guests arrive at the bridge (the control room of the ship), refreshment will be held there.
  11:30am Party ends
Party Venue: Hong Kong International Terminal, Kwai Chung

(Transportation will be provided to and from the terminal, assemble at Kwai Fong MTR at 9:00 am. There will be a coach that will drive you to the party spot inside the terminal, late comers will go the HIT terminal themselves, there will be a van to drive you to the party spot.)

Please book your place before 9th of July!

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