Beautiful Journey · Beautiful World

Departure Event

The departure events included Art Container Painting In-Progress, Art Container Departure Exhibition and Mini Art Container Exhibition, giving Hong Kong citizens and art lovers around the world an opportunity to witness the birth of the art containers.

Event Schedule
Date Time Event
10-12 May 2008 11am-4pm - Art Container Painting In-Progress
- Mini Art Container Exhibition
16 May 2008 3pm-4pm - Art Container Departure Exhibition Inauguration Ceremony
17-18 May 2008 11am-4pm - Art Container Departure Exhibition "Beautiful Journey ⋅ Beautiful World"
- Mini Art Container Exhibition
First Stage Departure Event Map

The events had been held in West Kowloon Cultural District (next to the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade). The public transport to the venue:

  • KMB bus nos. 8, 11, 203E, 215X , 270A or 281A
  • Green minibus nos. 26, 74 or 77M
  • Cross-harbour buses which go via the Western Harbour Crossing (WHC) (nos. 904, 905, 914, 934, 935, 948, 968 or 970)—get off at the toll plaza of the WHC
  • MTR Kowloon Station – In-town Check-in Concourse (West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade Exit)