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Hong Kong Arts Development Award 2008

The mini art container – art ambassador scheme of the Art Container Project has received an education bronze award 2008 from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The programme coordinator, Grace Tang, the Chairladies, Stella Tang and Carol Lee, the art ambassadors, Wong Wing Tong, Roy Lam, Yu Kei Kei, Circle Yang and our friend Mr. Heyse Ip were all there celebrating at the presentation ceremony in 21st April 2009.

Art Container Project 1st anniversary!
Visiting MSTI
Artists Sharing: Arthur Wong (Singapore) & Carol Lee Mei Kuen (Hong Kong)

On April the 9th 2009, at Arthome in Wanchai, an artists’ sharing had taken place where Singaporean performing artist, Arthur Wong and MIA artist, Carol Lee Mei Kuen were invited to present their works and held a discussion about their art works.

The sharing began with Arthur Wong, a graduate from La Salle College in Singapore, talked about his art in detail. His works pay concerns on gender conditioning in our society. He has never been conformed by the society about how one gender should behave and he has started his art through knitting – a domestic activity linked mostly with female.

Under the influence of feminism, he has started performance art and installation art, and incorporated crafts into his art practice. His work also pays homage to the matrilineage heritage of art and artists.

Carol Lee Mei Kuen is interested in catching, recording time by paper and sun/light. She has collected time and memory by the help of light from the Sun. She will use objects that are intimate to her, place them under the Sun, after a certain time, the objects will leave their forms on the paper. The life of the art work was started in that particular moment by the Sun. For her, time and sunlight reconstruct and evoke relationships of both people and objects through this process.

The idea about gender has been discussed. The appearance of female is first raised and there are differences of female in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan and the West. We all feel that female in Hong Kong is very strong and there are not many who will use make up and are not very feminine, while female in Taiwan and the West attend to the make up and feminine outlook.

Then we have come to a generalization about how female image was imposed by the media. A female might not look like the way the media has presented to the public. A female can be very strong and un feminine, but she is still a female, a male might be very gentle and not aggressive but he is still a male.

The discussion also hit on the artists who had used sunlight as instrument in art and the stability of sunlight on paper. Time print on body was done before and it had made some impression in the art world. Then move onto the objects that Carol has chosen to record the sun and time. The objects she first started to use were intimate to her, they might be found in her home. These time paintings tell stories about her and her life as a daughter, a wife and a mother. They are like diaries that record every part, whether big or small, of her life.


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