The Art Container Project – An Extraordinary Journey of Art

When art becomes connected with a container, a functional object, it is turned into a physical entity with its own life. Joining in the flow of the logistics industry, the containers will be taken to different cities around the world—this is the basic concept of the Art Container Project.

About the Project

This art project combines the creativity of top artists, the professionals in container and logistics industry, as well as experts from the business sector. They join their hands to discover an uplifting and life enriching journey.

Each journey is made of three parts and lasts for a duration of three years. In the first part, participating artists will create works of art on the body of the containers which are ready for first journey. Through the works, the artists express not only their creativity but also their concerns with different social issues. This part also includes community and school projects, allowing members of the public to take a part. Activities of the second part will be held after departure of the containers, including various art-related research, sharing and exchange. There will be tracking of the containers by means of photographic media and electronic network. Cross-border institutes and organisations will be invited to help follow up the cultural exchange and influence brought about by the containers arriving at different places. Local and overseas artists will have opportunities to communicate and show their works. The third part will be large-scale activities in the form of archiving, research and exhibition held when the containers return from their journey.

The first Art Container journey has been started in 2008.